Insurance Manager, City of London

Charles is pleasant, unassuming, knowledgeable and calm. He will listen carefully to your thoughts and observations and will, very subtly, help you order and manoeuvre your thinking towards a healthier way of life.

After working with Charles for a year; I’m happier, content, confident and positive. I feel that my life has balance, which is hard to achieve.

James Griffin

Business Development Manager, ATP Corporate Travel

Charles helped me during a difficult time professionally. I was at a cross road in my career after a change of direction a few years before hadn’t worked out as I had hoped.

Charles has a very calm manner, my confidence was pretty low at the time as I had been out of work for around 6 months. He focused on my skill set and achievements during a series of informal meetings, mainly listening and following up on email with his observations and suggestions.

This approach worked really well for me, and I was soon back in gainful employment. I would not hesitate recommend Charles’ services.

Alan Cohen

IT Consultant

After working in IT for 25+ years, I had reached a crossroads in my career. I needed to sort out where I was going and what I wanted to do next.

I chose Charles as my coach because he is a highly experienced HR professional, highly regarded in his industry. He has a quiet yet determined manner and a laid back approach which suited me well. After several sessions with Charles I have a new found confidence in my abilities and I am taking full advantage of opportunities that present themselves. I have a renewed enthusiasm and energy, not just at work but in my personal life as well. I would not hesitate to recommend Charles to anyone that feels they may need a helping hand in achieving their goals.

Alastair Youngman

Former British Army Captain, Age 32, seeking help regarding a career change

I wanted to write and formally thank you for the support and encouragement that you have given me over the last few months. Looking for a job can be a very lonely and disheartening affair and I am incredibly grateful of having been able to talk through my situation with you. Your gentle enquiry about my progress was exactly what I needed to maintain my momentum and motivation and your relentless belief in me was very reassuring.

Networking is vital and incredibly useful as well as being a lot more fun than just applying for jobs! I was very grateful for the introductions that you were able to make on my behalf. Having the chance to meet with different people and talk through my aspirations was useful in helping me clarify my own plans as well as achieving them.

Alistair has now found a new job

Craig Leverett

Charles Ledsam has slowly been changing my life, or better described, he has been helping me to change my perspective, and to focus on what's important to me, which is changing my life.

Charles is not a typical high intensity coach. He has a gentle persuasive approach which allows you time to process every detail.

It is no coincidence that since starting with Charles in March 2011, my relationship with my family has improved, I have increased and maintained my level of performance and my relationships at work, and I am making a significant contribution to my community.